What's the difference between gel nail strips and other regular nail wraps?

Our gel nail wraps are upgraded with 3rd generation technology and made of real gel nail polish. This includes a base adhesive, gel nail polish layer with art design, and glossy glaze as a top layer. AOZORA nails are trusted to be of salon quality, toxin-free, adhesive, and long-lasting.

How to store those nail wraps?

It's recommended to keep your nail wraps in a cool, dry environment. It's important to maintain your partially cured gel nails within their original packaging and only open them right before applying onto your nails. This helps prevent nail wraps from being exposed to sunlight, which could potentially dry out the adhesive and create challenges when adhering the wrap to your nail surface.

How long do these gel strips last?

They should last over 14 days! To get these results, please be sure have your nails properly cleaned and cured for at least 60 seconds with the LED UV lamp.

What is the curing time?Can I cure longer or shorter?

It's suggested to cure for at least 60 seconds. A common mistake that can shorten the life span of your nail wraps is not curing them for the appropriate time. Semi-cured gel nail stickers are 60% cured, requiring at least 60 seconds to cure completely. Thus, it’s better not to be in a hurry while curing your nails. Curing your nails correctly can help to extend the life span and add strength to your nail wraps. You can even cure your nail wraps for an additional 60 seconds if you feel that the wraps are not fully cured.

Are They Safe To Use While Pregnant/Nursing?

The team at Aozora is committed to crafting products with ingredients that are safer for you, including a chemical free removal process.
Most doctors are comfortable with their patients getting their nails done, however, what you decide to put on your body during pregnancy is a personal decision that should be made with the guidance of your doctor.